New Single: Be Yourself

"Be Yourself," the new single by The Jerrys, is now available on iTunes and CD Baby! The song, which marks the first time a trombone is featured on a song by The Jerrys, is the second single released by the band in 2015 and closely follows "I'm a Reader," released in February. Be sure to check out the video for "Be Yourself" or download "I'm a Reader" for free. Jerry Schwartz, who writes, plays, sings, and produces the music of The Jerrys, says more music is on the way.

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What Others Are Saying

"Beatles-inspired indiepop songs...and silly, pop culture-themed lyrics with titles like 'Ann Taylor Girl' and 'I Even Love You More Than Elizabeth Hurley'"..."[Schwartz] does have an appeal. The songs are Merseybeat-oriented pop, and are pretty catchy"..."Clearly, Schwartz has solid pop talent and vision." Read what others are saying about The Jerrys.

The Jerrys Featured in Pixels of Young Mueller

The Jerrys are featured in Pixels of Young Mueller, a coming-of-age tale published in 2010. Written in "an engaging and entertaining style," the story of Klaus Mueller is "insightful and thought provoking, with laugh-out-loud moments."

From his earliest days, young Mueller dreams of becoming a rock star. In the next-to-last chapter of the novel, Klaus forms his own one-man British pop group, The Jerrys, and "The King of I Don't Care," a song from the band's CD Jerryrigged, also appears in Pixels of Young Mueller.

You can watch the book's promo video as performed at Rumble House in Chicago, or you can watch Jerry Schwartz perform the song at Tuesday Funk while reading from his novel. Also, be sure to check out the original book trailer below.